Who says you can’t do crazy needlepoint!

If you have followed me for any length of time then you know I got started with hand work when I became interested in crazy quilting.  In fact, this is why I started my business.  I did not have access to a variety of threads so decided to dye my own.  One thing led to another and Colour Complements evolved.

Dominique had taken the concept of crazy quilting and interpreted this heart. No pattern is available as she made it up.  

The heart today is divided into sections.  Each section shows a different thread colour and stitch.  What ties it all together is the blues used throughout the design.  Stitches used are gobelin, rice stitch, Milanese, Hungarian and what looks like couching.  She has stitched ric rac to divide her sections which I think looks fabulous – don’t you?

What do you think of the random stitching and beads in the upper right section?  I think this is a great addition.

Hopefully those of you who are stitching a heart for the Hearts for Hospice project can experiment with perhaps some crazy needlepoint! 

Fun and a wee bit different. Perhaps you might like to check out my selection of ric rac.

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