Meet Athene, the fourth owl in my What A Hoot series.

My What a Hoot series is a collection of SIX owls!  Each owl is introduced in my newsletter at the beginning of each month ending in September. 

Did you know that Athene is a genus of owls – I didn’t!  They are small owls with brown and white speckles, yellow eyes and white eyebrows.  Well, I didn’t think that brown and white would be a particularly pleasing palette SO opted for brown and cream with a hint of blue/gray.  Sort of owl colours don’t you think?  AND this palette celebrates the fall season.


Once again, the kit contents include the pattern (PDF), eyes, beak and all custom dyed threads to complete Athene.  AND remember, whatever threads are remaining once you complete him could be used on the backside creating a double-sided owl (hint – mobile ready)! 

I have several customers who have managed to complete both sides of the owls in the threads provided in the thread kit….

  • each owl measures about 4 inches square – they are small!
  • a variety of stitches in each owl
  • an additional skein of thread is included to create the braid for finishing purposes

From what my customers say, they are FUN to stitch!

I especially love the eyes on Athene – what do you think?

I can hardly wait until next month – it is my FAVOURITE owl!  A wee bit more of a challenge!!

Trust me, you won’t want to miss it!!

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