Along came a spider…….

Well, it is the season!  With Halloween approaching, I’m starting to see some seasonal décor in the shops.  Now here in Canada we don’t celebrate Halloween as much as my American friends.  We don’t have nearly the decorations available and tend to be far more minimalistic in our approach.  Do any of you have some of those spiders hanging by a string?  I’m sure you know the ones I mean.  I always get quite a chuckle from these, along with a lot of the other décor but it got me thinking about spiders in my stitching.  I know a stretch but this is where my ideas come from, shopping trips and window displays!

I thought it might be fun to put together some ideas for a spider themed crazy quilting project. I have had the fabric shown in the photo above for ages.  Sadly, I don’t have any selvage to tell me the manufacturer or pattern but some of you may have this in your own stash.  I thought it was perfect for my spider theme. 

I added some fall colours in cotton floss, colours 36, 37, 57 and 58 AND some ric rac #16.  AND of course I needed a spider!  This one is from Susan Clarke Originals and is a button.  Check out her site as there are several more ranging in various sizes. 

I like to use spiders and webs in my crazy quilting.  Webs work well in hiding mistakes and accidents too.  My iron was too hot recently and I accidentally burned my fabric SO I covered this area up with a web.  I’ve also used webs to hide areas where several seam treatments meet as these can be rather challenging for stitching.

There are also some tutorials online for stitching spiders versus using buttons or charms that you may like to google. 

Naturally I’ll need a lot more fabric for this project but it’s a start.

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