I featured a stained glass heart design previously and today is a take-off of the design showcasing a vertical row pattern using scotch stitch. 

I mentioned previously that Dominique wanted to experiment with some stained glass designs. This is the second variation that uses up various bits of thread colours leftover from previous projects. All are size 5 Perle cotton.

Want To Know More About This Vertical Row Pattern?

The heart measures about 4-inches and is completed with vertical rows of the scotch stitch. She randomly chose all the colours and ALL the threads were leftover from previously stitch projects. She did add some rows of basketweaves in black to give the appearance of stained glass divisions.

While the colours used were simply scraps and bits of leftover thread from other projects, the way they were carefully laid out perfectly comes together to create this beautiful stained-glass effect. This is a perfect example that you don’t necessarily need to spend a ton of planning to create something beautiful! In this case, using leftover pieces made for a really wonderful and beautifully made pattern!

Remember, while this design was a heart you don’t necessarily need to stitch a heart shape. Perhaps you would like to stitch a circle or rectangle. You can even recreate this pattern on something a little more simple – even a linen canvas! If you do end up using this pattern on a shape, it would make for a wonderful Christmas ornament. No one would even know that leftover threads were used!

This is another great example of using up and re-purposing your left-over stash!

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