CRAZY QUILTING Block #3 in my new CRAZY QUILTING project – Black Buttferlies, the final reveal.  I generally work on one medium size crazy quilt project annually.  This year I chose a completely different colour combination from last year in a bold primary colour palette.  You can find all the other posts pertaining to this project under “Black Butterflies” in the right sidebar under Categories.

It all comes together here.  Notice the grouping of three hearts on the left stitched in cotton floss.  I think these show up well against an only lightly patterned background.  Love the scalloped seam treatment – simple but effective.  The fan adds colour AND covers an intersection where three seams overlap.  The octagon seam treatment adds variety and the button cluster adds more visual interest.

When I first started crazy quilting, I picked up all kinds of nylon lace.  This was before I realized that nylon does not accept dye well.  I felt the embellishing I have chosen here worked well with a rather large and somewhat unattractive piece of lace.  Perhaps you might think twice now with some of the nylon lace, especially used as a background with the addition of trim, beads etc.

And last but not least, some close-ups of Block #3 CRAZY QUILTING Moving onto Block #4 next!

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