As the season changes I thought it would be a good opportunity to share a colourful heart!

Since it is another card insert, I think this will cheer up someone who may not be feeling all that well, don’t you?  It is COLOURFUL and BOLD.

A fabulous combination of lime, lemon/lime, greens and turquoise.  This screams SUMMER.  Have I mentioned before I LOVE LIME GREEN.  I love how it is so bold – really adds a pop to any embroidery project.  I used it in my Autumn Kaleidoscope project.

The heart was stitched with just two colours of threads and a tiny bit of Kreinik braid.  Colour #18 is a very popular blend of greens.  The second colour is #46, a lovely blend of lime green, lemon lime and turquoise.  

Colour Complements Colours

**Kreinik Braid #1 is now sold out but Colour #5 could be used. It is ON SALE!    

Just goes to show how two variegated colours can work very well to stitch a small project.

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