Another “bloom” today, a bold bloom in Kathleen’s WOOL APPLIQUE project.  The pattern is by Australian designer Wendy Williams called “Baby Blooms Cushion” measuring 20 inches square.  Kathleen has used a grey and white polka dot cotton fabric as her background and will use this as a wall hanging when complete.  Check with your local quilt shop as they should be able to order the pattern for you.

Kathleen started with a lavender wool base for this flower.  She bordered it with a layer of what looks like Bokhara couching.  I am not absolutely certain about the couching and it could simply be layers of stem stitch.  This is bordered on the outside by a close fly stitch and on the inside with a coral stitch.  The center yellow/green wool is scattered with seed stitches while the coral center is bordered with a collection of bullion stitches.  The very center is a collection of double cast ons and bullions, all laid flat. 

Many of these stitches would look great in crazy quilting as well. 

Thank  you Kathleen.

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