This year my summer collection includes the addition of four new colours combinations.  When I start my seasonal collections, I generally choose one colour to focus on. 

This collection focuses on aqua/teals!

Colour #63 was the first combination I dyed.  It is actually an overdye meaning I dyed it in a colour combination of blue and green initially but it didn’t turn out quite as I had expected.  Specifically, I wanted a more subtle variation of the colours.  SO, I overdyed it with the result of aqua green and blue. 

#64 is a blend of aqua, lavender and greens.  I feel this will be a very versatile colour combination.  You could easily add lavender/purples or perhaps various greens or even draw on the aqua/turquoise.  Add some darker values of any of the above and this will pop!  I’ll be playing more with this one in the future so stay tuned for my upcoming blog posts.

Next up is Colour #65, a green/teal blend. It came about a bit by accident.  I’ve been experimenting for some time with variations of teals – both green teals and blue teals.  Originally I was shooting for blue teals but this one just happened to evolve.  I like it so here it is.

I first introduced Colour #120 about five or six years ago which sold well for several years.  It was discontinued after a number of years.  Since I always liked the combination I decided to change the formula slightly so here is a new revised version.  It is a stunning blend of purple, brilliant greens and blue with hints of teal – quite BOLD.  Some of you may recall that Carolyn Mitchell, A Canadian designer created a free ornament pattern using Colour #120.  It is fun and easy to stitch.  You will find the pattern on Carolyn Mitchell Designs.

So, here they are.  Four new colour combinations. Make sure you watch for my blog posts featuring all four colours coming up. 

What do you think?  

All are now available in the shop.    

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