Yes, it is ALL ABOUT COLOUR today!  Bold beautiful colour. 

I love purple – do you?  Purple is often associated with royalty, luxury and power.  Here it is combined with Colour #30 which is a bold blend of yellow, orange and pink.  I think it POPS! What do you think?

Dominique has stitched this sample on 18 count canvas which is a pale orange shade. This was a leftover bit of canvas from another project. What colours of threads did she use?

Instead of using a pattern, she simply made it up with the following stitches

  • Rhodes
  • Jessica
  • Sprat’s Head
  • Rice
  • Scotch
  • Long Arm

I have taken an additional close-up for clarity just in case you want to stitch this up yourself. Just love how these colours appear when placed next to one another.


Remember, you will find diagrams online for all of these stitches and it is worth checking out the American Needlepoint Guild website.  They offer a stitch of the month which I find tremendously helpful.

You may also like to check out Mary Corbet’s Needle N Thread website. Lots of wonderful videos there as well.

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