I have talked about button clusters previously.  Check out this post!

I love adding these to my CQ projects. 

The key to button clusters is

  • use an odd number of buttons
  • add at least one charm
  • add beads if you wish
  • vary size, colour and texture

Several of the buttons in this collection were found in a button shop in Paris a number of years ago.  I picked up the square one at the bottom because of the shape.  It is mirrored so quite reflective.  The button just to the right of the top with a floral pattern is from Czechoslovakia.  I finished off this cluster with a hat charm.

I do find going through my button box when I am searching for selections for a project is a bit like going down memory lane.  As I mentioned previously, I often pick up embellishments during my travels.  When I start rummaging in the box I have fond memories of where I found these treasures. Remember, buttons and charms don’t take up much space in your suitcase!

The seam treatment is simply straight stitches using various threads.  A sequin and bead was added to the middle of each rectangle and a small applique motif interspersed.

So, how about trying some button clusters.  Another section of this block soon.   

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