CRAZY QUILTING The final reveal of Block #5 in my new CRAZY QUILTING project – Black Butterflies. I work on one medium size crazy quilt project annually, or at least I try to! This year I chose a completely different colour combination from last year in a bold primary colour palette. You can find all the other posts pertaining to this project under “Black Butterflies” in the right sidebar under Categories.

You will see some of the areas that I described in previous posts so I will focus on the areas I did not describe. The bottom of the block has a seam treatment using a base of two rows of herringbone placed with the seam running along the center. Beads and French knots were added to embellish.

I added a heart shaped lace motif embellished with beads and octagon flowers with detached chain stitches to create the appearance of small flowers. The butterfly is an iron on that I picked up during my travels ages ago.

Remember, you can find many of the threads I have used in my SHOP.

I personally really like the way this block turned out.  Onto Block #6 now.

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