Block # 1 is complete in my current crazy quilting project. 

If you are just joining me for this series, I previously talked about using my collection of old embroidered tablecloths, runners and handkerchiefs. 

For years I collected odds and ends of embroidered items.  I had a number of tablecloths and small embroidered doilies, enough to fill two bins.  When I downsized several years ago, I spent quite a bit of time sorting through my accumulated stash of stuff.  I knew I would not have space in the new house, so it was a good time to purge.  As I had picked up most of these embroidered pieces in thrift stores, many had holes or were stained.  I cut out the good parts that I knew I could use and discarded the rest.

When I started to sew the blocks I attempted to include either a handkerchief or embroidered bit in each one.  You will see this in the upper left hand corner of the block.  I tea stained this piece as it was not in the best of shaped and stitched in place with beads in the scallops. 

I have mentioned many times before that I always like to include a button cluster.  They are a great way to use up your button collection.  I included a small charm as well as a sequin butterfly. 

Button Clusters

The lace in the lower right is overlaid which I did not embellish in any way since it already has a floral motif pattern.  The lace on the left seam was hand-dyed.  Since I included an embroidered polyester fabric (blue with beige embroidery) I did not feel the need to embellish this area further. 

I have left the purple silk on the left hand side free of any stitching purposely.  I like to have my crazy quilts machine quilted once complete.  I am lucky to have a very talented long arm quilter who is up to the challenge!  Tess will fill in this area with some machine quilting. 

That’s it for Block #1. 

What do you think?

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