Early in 2018, I posted about my Jewel Box project.  Jewel Box is a counted canvas pattern designed by Laura Perin.  The entire pattern measures 10×10 inches on 18 count canvas.  At that time, I opted to stitch each of the diamonds individually versus the overall pattern.  Each of these diamonds measure approximately 3 inches in diameter and there are four. 

I wanted to showcase colour combinations and by stitching only portions of the design, they were fast for small ornaments.  I will likely stitch the whole pattern one day – in the future.

Fast forward and I had them finished some time ago.  Thank you Marsye. 

I thought it would be a good time to share some with the holidays fast approaching.  If you have been following my O Christmas tree series this would be a good time for a break and see something new. 

Remember, any colour combination can be used but I thought this was a particularly festive one for the holiday season.  Some of you may find it a bit different with the use of coral but I loved how it turned out.  I used the following colours

I always like to add a bit of bling so opted for some Kreinik size 8 braid in a green.  You could easily choose red if this is your preference. 

So, do you like the colours?  Want to give one a go. If you would like to view all the previous posts pertaining to Jewel Box check out categories – jewel box on the blog.

Find the pattern on Laura’s website.

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