I am excited to showcase a new series of mitten patterns this year!  If you have been following me for some time, you may already be familiar with our Twelve Months Of Mittens series last year.  I have opted to feature more mittens again this year BUT slightly differently.  While the series last year focused on randomly stitched patterns, this year, our mittens will include a PDF pattern and thread kit for each mitten.  Today, I would like to introduce the first of four mittens for 2024, Circus.

How Was This Mitten Pattern Designed? 

Circus started with stripes mimicking what one might see in a circus tent hence the name. When I think of a circus, I think of bold colours, so I chose a very colourful and bold palette of three colour combinations. Colour #37 is a blend of golden yellows, Colour #78 is a bold pink and Colour #82 is a blend of aqua.

The mitten pattern is relatively small and measures about 2 ½ x 3 inches (approximately) on an 18-count mono canvas.

It is an ideal project for those of you who are new to counted canvas needlepoint. The three skeins of threads included in the kit are generous. You will likely have enough to stitch most of a second mitten  OR for finishing purposes. You might like to change the placement of colours too.

If you are new to stitching I encourage you to try out this pattern yourself!  As mentioned, we have a PDF and thread kit including all the three colours above.  Click on the link below to purchase it.  It’s a great beginner project!

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