What do you do for Christmas Decorating?

More on decorating below but time for another tree today!  Yes, it is another triangle.  Dominique has stitched this one using various Colour Complements leftover bits of threads.  This time she added a few sequins for some bling.

I like bling – what about you?

I mentioned in my previous post about cutting down our tree.  Well, mission accomplished.  Spent the weekend putting up the tree, decorating it then decorating the house. 

I don’t do much other then add baubles to the shelves.  I have battery operated candles so these are on timers on the shelves.  Makes it quite festive with very little effort.

BUT, talk about decorating….

Quite accidently I came across a television show the other night on HGTV recently called Outrageous Holiday Houses!  I had to sit down to watch it and talk about delightful. 

It featured tours of holiday-obsessed Christmas fans from across the country.  Definitely over the top but talk about dedicated to Christmas décor.  All the homes were fantastic. 

One of the homes featured was the Houghton home decorated to the nines.  The owner Jennifer is a designer and evidently decorates her 12,000 foot Dallas home for EACH major holiday.  She has 11 Christmas trees including a 12 foot tall one named the Land of Sweets.  All the ornaments are naturally sweet delectable ornaments. 

During the Christmas season her home features 80,000 lights, 11 Christmas trees, 200 yards of ribbon and more than 10,000 ornaments.  She even had a separate room built to store 400 crates! 

She starts Christmas decorating the day after Halloween each year. And she spends the next three weeks, working 10-hour days, to create her festive fantasyland.

I have to admire Jennifer’s dedication.  Her colour scheme reminds me of Colour Complements Colour #138. Ohhhh, I just may have to name this “sweet fantasy” – what do you think?

I just may have to send some to Jennifer to add another ornament to one of her ELEVEN trees!

Ho, ho, ho

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