What do you think of this colourful Christmas embroidery?

On yes, another tree to celebrate the season.  Tree #5.

This one is stitched with Colour Complements Colour #138.  It is a blend of pink, green and blue.  I dyed this colour combination several years ago inspired by a Christmas display of pastels I had seen in a shop.  A different take on the traditional colours of Christmas but I think fun to play with. 

Marie used one stitch through the tree bordered with a metallic.  The trunk is stitched with Colour Complements Colour #57 floss.  Of course you could stitch this with any colours of your choice.

Once again, a great stash buster!

I could see an embroidered monogram on the back for a Christmas tag. I have a selection of monograms for inspiration on my Pinterest board. 

Stay tuned for more ideas for colourful Christmas embroidery next week. Are you stitching trees yet? Are you enjoying the series? Hopefully you are feeling inspired….

I will take a break on Friday from Christmas and share the completion of a project. You won’t want to miss it 

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