Introducing Rainbow Ribbons

I suspect most of you have already received the November/December issue of Needlepoint Now. 

Many of you are Needlepoint Nation followers on Facebook.  Needlepoint Nation is the first, original needlepoint group on FB created by Jane Wood in 2011.  It is a collection of needlepoint addicts who talk about needlepoint and post the most incredible photos of works in progress and completed!  Inspiration overload.  Head on over to Facebook to join Needlepoint Nation.

Early this year one of my customers, Kam started posting photos of a pillow she was stitching using Colour Complements threads.  It was fun to see her progress and how the design came together.  Fast forward many months and she emailed me to let me know the project would be published in Needlepoint Now titled Rainbow Ribbons. 

Let me tell you a little about Kam as published in the magazine.

Kam has been working in the needlework industry for over 45 years.  She owned and managed a retail shop, taught classes and designed more than 250 painted and charted canvases. She even created an embellishment business and sold her designs through her own wholesale company.  It was, she admits, a great deal of fun – and work! 

These days Kam is a grandma and designs for herself. She finds inspiration then designs for fun. I can do it for my friends or for myself or people out there that just want something different to do.

As you can tell, Kam has a lot of experience in the industry! She has used Colour #44

  • Size 5 perle cotton x 5 skeins
  • Size 8 perle cotton x 1 skein

I could easily see changing the colours depending on your personal choice and décor.  What about trying Colour Complements Colour #50 combined with Colour Complements Colour #183 for a spring themed pillow in lavenders and purples.

Thank you Kam for designing and showcasing my threads in this lovely project. 

I would like to wish all my American friends and customers a Happy Thanksgiving.  I will return to regular posting on Monday December 2nd – can you believe it is December – yikes!

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