Colour Complements Fall Collection


Inspiration for my Colour Complements Fall Collection comes from the colour BROWN.  Many of you will think how drab.  I have wanted to dye a rich brown for quite some time.  I have experimented previously but could never achieve the “rich” combination I wanted.  Finally, this year I got it.  Colour #57 is a blend of rich darker browns.  There are hints of a darker golden brown as well as a brown with a subtle red tint depending on the light.  I love it and hope you do to.  I can see this in a variety of canvas projects for the fall.  Think tree trunks, branches, perhaps some bird feathers etc. 

After I dyed up my brown, I started experimenting with variations of brown.  In specific a golden brown.  I came up with Colour #56 next which is a blend of golden brown, golden yellow and a teal/grey.  There are hints of green where the yellow and teal blended. 

Last is Colour #58 which is all about fall.  It is golden brown, deep purple and a dark teal with hints of blues and greens.   

All three of these colours can be used together in a project but I recommend combining Colour #57 (brown) with either Colour #56 or Colour #58. 

It would be fun to see some of these colours used in painted canvases.  I recently visited Melissa Shirley Designs.   I have always been a fan.  One new design is a beautiful fall themed fruit bowl with shells and a butterfly.  I think it would look gorgeous with Colour #57 for the leaves and stems.  Please remember, I would welcome photos of ANY painted canvas design using my threads.  I do not often receive these.

I will be showcasing some stitched samples using the new collection here on my blog in coming weeks so please stop by for a visit. 

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