Another butterfly block in Kathleen’s WOOL APPLIQUE project, Butterfly Sampler by Sue Spargo.  This is Butterfly #6.  Kathleen chose a soft green wool background for the entire sampler which measures 16×22.

The butterfly body is a brown wool embellished with a tete a beouf stitch.  The wings are lavender wool.  The upper wings are layered with a solid slightly darker value cotton and bordered with buttonhole stitch followed by bullions.  The purple cotton is bordered with Palestrina then embellished with tiny felt circles attached with beads.

The lower wings are bordered with backstitch.  The backstitch has been repeated in the center in layers following the shape of the wing.  Kathleen has used Colour #2 in a size 5 perle cotton 

If you are not familiar with any of these stitches, you can find video tutorials on Mary Corbet’s NeedleNThread.

Thank you Kathleen!

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