any of my customers purchase my threads for painted canvas NEEDLEPOINT projects so I am always delighted to receive photographs of their ongoing projects.  I was particularly excited to see that Tess has used my FLAT RIBBON which I include in my sampler packs.  You can find all my SAMPLER PACKS in the shop HERE.

flat ribbon, embroidery samplers

This is a viscose knitted rayon approximately 2 mm in width (1/16th of an inch).  It is knit in a circular fashion so is tubular in construction. Flat ribbon is versatile and lays flat beautifully with a laying tool.  An added bonus is that it absorbs the dye very well so the colours are brilliant.  It is comparable to both Petite Sparkle Rays and Neon Rays but differs in that it is knitted in structure.  I recommend using a chenille needle for stitching.

The painted canvas is by Penny Macleod distributed by The Collection Designs.  Thank you Tess!

flat ribbon, painted canvas
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