flat ribbon, silk perleFLAT RIBBON – I had viscose FLAT RIBBON in stock several years ago.  Sadly, my supplier went out of business and I have only recently found another source.  So, I have dyed up a small selection.  Flat ribbon is a viscose knitted rayon approximately 2mm in width (1/16 inch).  It is knit in a circular fashion so tubular in construction.  It should not be confused with the tubular ribbon I have sold previously as this is far narrower and therefore not suitable for threading and gathering.  I recommend using a chenille needle for the flat ribbon.  My flat ribbon works well for crazy quilting, needlepoint (18 count), wool applique and jewelry crafts.flat ribbon, silk perle It can be used for crazy quilting, needlepoint and wool applique.  It is comparable in size to Neon Rays and Petite Sparkle Rays. silk perle SILK PERLE is back in stock for those of you who have asked about it.  A nice selection, some of which are not included in the photo above so check out the shop for ALL the colours.  You can find both the flat ribbon and silk perle in the SHOP.

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