It’s that time of year again, time for my new fall collection – this time around, I have three new fall colour combinations to entice you!

Generally, a photograph or my surroundings in nature are what inspires me to create the colours in each collection. However, this year I started experimenting so no specific inspiration. It simply was a matter of playing around with different colours and seeing what comes up!

This season’s colours are quite unique to what you would expect with traditional fall colors. They are fun and bright.

Here’s a closer look at our NEW Fall colour combinations 

Colour #165 is the first of my new colours although I have to say it is really a colour from a number of years ago that I redyed and changed slightly. It is a blend of deep blue, red, yellow and rust. Naturally, there are other variations of orange where the yellow, red and rust blend so it is quite colourful! This offers an ideal opportunity to create a wide variety of palettes.

Colour #83 is a stunning blend of navy, berry red and fuchsia! I have no doubt this will be extremely popular so make sure you add it to your stash. 

Finally, Colour #84 is a blend of fuchsia and yellows – it is BOLD!

All three colours work well individually as the base for creating a needlework palette BUT Colours #83 and #84 would look particularly beautiful when combined.

Throughout the month, I will be sharing various samples using these colours.  I’ll also be sharing some stitch sample videos so stay tuned.

All these colours are available in three sizes of Perle cotton – 5, 8, 12 and 6 strand cotton floss.

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