What are embroidery thread bits?

As you can no doubt imagine having a hand-dyed embroidery thread business means I accumulate lots of small lengths of threads.  In the past I used to keep a lot of these for my personal stitching but after eight years I now have enough bits to last me more than my lifetime. 

Earlier this year I decided to offer some “thread bits” bags.  They ended up being a huge success and I sold almost as soon as I posted about them.  I added more and well, you guessed it they sold too.  WELL, I have more in stock now.   

Let me explain further.

They are a collection of 30 different hand-dyed colour combinations of threads.  Each length measures approximately 1 meter (slightly longer than a yard) and some even a bit longer.  The bags are a mix of various sizes of perle cottons, flat ribbon, floss, metallics, silk perle, rayon – whatever products I either sell or have sold in the past. 

There are no repeats in colours so all 30 are different. 

Please remember that these are very popular so shop early to avoid disappointment if they interest you.  I don’t always have them in stock as it takes some time to collect the threads.  I will mention that I am limiting them to ONE per customer so as many of you as possible can enjoy them. 

They would be fantastic for any of you who do wool applique or crazy quilting.

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