It is all about EMBROIDERY today!  I would like to introduce you to Stacy, a contemporary fibre artist.  Stacy specializes in contemporary art quilts, needle-felted animals, textile sculptures and embellishments using various materials and products.

She writes, “As a small child, I loved working with my hands.  I especially loved the meditative aspects of fine handwork such as embroidery, knitting and crochet.  My “worlds” come to fruition by my using a number of materials and techniques.  Whether I embroider traditional pieces or create my mostly abstract, contemporary art quilts, it is all about the journey and the experience of creation.”

Shown above and below is a crocheted, quilted and embroidered coral reef.  In coming weeks I will be sharing more of her creations as she is starting to use some of my products!  i can hardly wait to see what she does with the Petite Very Velvet.  You can read more about Stacy on her blog at Stacy’s Material World.

EMBROIDERY, hand dyed embroidery threadsHere is another close-up to give you an idea of the detail of the embroidery and crochet.  EMBROIDERY, hand dyed embroidery threads

The final photo shows a small embroidery Stacy did on a busy fabric where the very velvet stems are couched. The sample of the right shows another embroidery project.   To see more of Stacy’s lovely creations check out her Facebook HERE.  Thank you Stacy!

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