purses; colour complements perle cotton

A great PURSE project from one of my customers today.

A bit different take on embroidery. I will start by saying I have GREAT customers.  Today is a lovely example of a combination of textiles and embroidery. 

Cheryl knits purses which she then felts following by hand embroidery.  She emailed me several examples to show the details of how she used my Colour Complements threads.  Each purse measures about 12 x 14 inches, all wool with leather handles.  I used to do some felting so I can appreciate the time involved in creating these.  They remind me of a take-off of crazy quilting as she has stitched along the seams as well as created patterns in the central areas of the knitting.   

So, has Cheryl given you some ideas of what you could do with some of your leftover threads?  And, for those of you who knit, a great way to use up some scraps of wool too.  I could see a mini version to wear around your neck for market days. 

Remember, you can find a selection of threads in the shop to stitch your own purse. Thank you so much for sharing these Cheryl. 

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