Today I’m sharing the final results of my Rainforest Crunch needlepoint project!  Yes, there are mistakes.  Remember this is my first needlepoint project.  Stitching this project made me realize that I almost always dye either medium or dark value threads – where was I?  I obviously gravitate to these values. 

If I were to stitch this again, I would definitely create more contrast using light values.  Having said this, I am pleased with the results as I feel the design showcases my threads which was my original goal.  As always, there is room for improvement but I can only go up from here! 

What is Rainforest Crunch?

Just a refresher.  Rainforest Crunch is a pattern by NeedleDelights. It will be available for order through your local needlework shop or from Kathy’s website.  It measures about 8 inches square on 18 count canvas.  While all these colours have since been discontinued there are many options to choose from in my shop so stop by for a visit. 

Stitching this gave me lots of ideas for other projects, two of which are underway.  I’ll be sharing these in future posts once I get a bit farther ahead.  Now I need to get busy in the dye studio and dye some light values!  Have a great weekend – guess you know where I will be..

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