hand dyed size 5 perle cottonThis is the final results of my Rainforest Crunch needlepoint project!  It was a HUGE challenge getting a decent photograph of this project.  I know it appears somewhat crooked (it’s not) despite about 20 photographs.  I had to take it at an angle to achieve the best results hence it looks a bit wobbly….  Yes, there are mistakes, remember this is my first needlepoint project.  Stitching this project made me realize how I almost always dye either medium or dark value threads – WHERE WAS I?  I obviously gravitate to these values!  I would definitely create more contrast using light values if I were to stitch this again.  I have already started dyeing lighter values with a few listed in the shop currently with more on the way.  Interestingly, it was not until I started my most recent project earlier this year that I really started to see this.  I am happy with how the project showcases my threads which was my goal but overall see room for improvement.

For those of you interested this project is entitled Rainforest Crunch and the pattern is by Kathy Rees of NeedleDelights.  It should be available at any LNS.

Stitching this gave me lots of ideas for other projects, two of which are underway.  I’ll be sharing these in future posts once I get a bit farther ahead.  Now I need to get busy in the dye studio and DYE SOME LIGHT VALUES 🙂  Have a great weekend – guess you know where I will be..

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