WOOL APPLIQUE, Sue SpargoI thought you may like to see Kathleen’s complete (or very nearly completed) Sue Spargo Peacock pattern. Kathleen is a member of our woollies group and a very experienced quilter, in fact she has been quilting for years. She always has numerous projects on the go.  She used almost all my threads and comes up with very inventive ways of using them.  Please remember if you click on the photo it will enlarge and yes, it is worth enlarging! 🙂

When Kathleen first started this project she asked me to dye up some greys and interestingly I hadn’t really thought about grey’s previously.  So, there are various values of grey in there.  You can see them mostly in the background AND I have a feeling she may be adding some more too.  I am looking forward to seeing this quilted.

That is it for this week.  Enjoy your weekend and back on Monday.

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