I want to chat a bit about embroidery thread samplers.

If you have been a customer for some time then you will be familiar with my samplers.  I started dyeing these as I like to experiment with different thread types AND I felt they provided an opportunity for customers to try some of my products in smaller volumes. 

All my samplers are randomly dyed usually with leftover bits of dyes that I mix to achieve specific colours.  Each sampler consists of either five or six threads.  What are the contents? 

  • Size 8 perle cotton
  • Cotton floss
  • Flat ribbon
  • Silk perle
  • Rayon metallic
  • Rayon

Let me tell you a little about each of the threads.

In the past I have always added size 5 perle cotton to my samplers but have opted to add size 8 to these samplers.  I also decided to add some floss on this occasion as my floss continues to grow in popularity.  Floss is versatile for not only cross stitching but needlepoint as well crazy quilting and wool applique. 

Silk perle is my “favourite” product to use in my stitching so a must in the sampler.  Flat ribbon is a viscose knitted product which is not widely seen in the needlework market.  It can be used in place of any “flat” ribbon such as Neon Rays for example.  I will mention that it is thicker than other flat ribbons so not the best option for layered stitches such as a Rhodes stitch unless you are using a larger mesh canvas such as a 13 count.  It is worth trying! 

I have added two additional products.  Some of you will likely be familiar with Wonderfil Dazzle.  Wonderfil is a Canadian company and Dazzle is a rayon metallic.  I also added a rayon to some of the samplers.  Both absorb the dye beautifully and glide through fabric when stitching.

So, there you have it, my new embroidery thread samplers! Why not give them a try….. Just a heads up – I am currently dyeing some more which should be in the shop on Sunday and Monday!

I have a couple of cotton floss samplers AND floche samplers in stock. I only have these intermittently so pick them up while you can. Both are in the embroidery sampler section – click the link below.

AND, as always there are lots of variety of colours of perle cottons, cotton floss and floche!

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