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As many of you likely already know my journey into needlework began about ten years ago when I developed an interest in crazy quilting.  I had never done any hand stitching prior to this time and honestly never considered I would but as they say “never say never”.  I started dyeing my threads for personal use and opened Colour Complements in 2012.  In late 2013 I started to become interested in canvas work as the result of a show & tell project at our local stitch group.

RAINFOREST CRUNCH was my FIRST canvas project designed by Kathy Rees of Needle Delights.  Naturally I dyed my own palette (all random dyes at the time) and started experimenting.  The original palette and my completed project is shown above and you can read all about it if you check under categories in the right sidebar.  I had no plan for colour placement – I’d stitch one square and go from there.

Following posting about this project, I had LOTS of questions about my palette and a number of requests for kits.

Recently I have been experimenting with overdyeing some existing colours and have come up with a selection of colours that I think would work well for your own Rainforest Crunch OR any of the other Needle Delights patterns OR perhaps another idea!

These are ALL custom dyed and therefore will not be repeated.  All contain 14 skeins (20 meters/21.97 yards) each so a nice selection.  There are similarities to my original palette BUT they are different.  There are very limited quantities so please shop early to avoid disappointment.  Hope you like them!


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