MY WAY, Carolyn Mitchell, Colour ComplementsMY WAY – my version of the three I stitched together!  In summary, MY WAY is a counted canvas pattern designed by Carolyn Mitchell.  YES, the pattern is available for purchase through your local needlework shop. It is a wonderful pattern offering different fiber suggestions throughout AND the bonus of a seventh square.  This of course means you can place the squares in the order of your choice.  I opted to stitch three of the seven squares BUT already have plans to stitch the remaining four for you guessed it, another project.  The choices for colours are endless so I’ll be doing more experimenting.

In each of Carolyn’s designs, she uses many different stitches so they prove excellent learning opportunities for those of us newer to needlepoint.  For those of you “experts” out there, the pattern offers multiple opportunities to change the threads, combine multiple threads, change stitches etc.  Overall, a really great pattern.

Just in case you forgot – here is Carolyn’s original

MY WAY, Carolyn Mitchell, Colour ComplementsSo, MY WAY is completed for now.  BUT you just may see more of it again down the road.  Have a great weekend – see you Monday.  You can find a beautiful selection of colours to create your own in the shop.

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