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Each month I like to feature at least one needlepoint sample and this month’s crescent needlepoint pattern is stunning! It features two of our three new fall collection colours and demonstrates how beautiful they look when combined. Hopefully, these colours may inspire your next needlework design!

Most of you will be familiar with the American Needlepoint Guild, and I suspect a number of you are members as am I. Six times a year, we receive our Needlepointers magazine published by the guild offering various projects. I don’t know about you, but I always look forward to receiving the latest edition. Earlier this year, in the March/April 2022 issue of Needlepointers, the cover featured a beautiful crescent needlepoint design called Fibonacci Swirls by Oliva Hartshorn.

I found this design striking, and today’s sample is a take-off of the pattern. 

If you have followed our blog, you will likely have noted I mention how we take “sections” of a published pattern and add a unique twist! Perhaps it is a change in a stitch or a different combination of stitches. Always fun to play with stitches and COLOUR!

More About Our Stitched Crescent Needlepoint Sample

We found the crescents in the design particularly appealing, so our stitched sample today was influenced by the crescents. In the original design, various background stitches were used surrounded by crescent stitches creating a swirl effect. Our sample is small, measuring about 3-inches on an 18-count canvas, and while we repeated the crescents, our background is bargello. We used Colours #37 and #84 for the bargello and colour #83 for the crescents.

We used size 5 Perle cotton in the following colours

Hopefully, today’s crescent needlepoint pattern has inspired you to create a variation of your own!

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