Inspirations Magazine

Inspirations Magazine

Recently, I spent several hours searching for project ideas in Inspirations Magazine.  Touted as the “world’s most beautiful needlework”, I think I would agree.  This is one of my favourite publications.  Aptly named as each issue is always full of inspiration.  Check out Inspirations Magazine. 

This was THE publication everyone I spoke to recommended when I first started hand work.  They were all absolutely spot on. 

Despite trying the digital subscription for several years, I found this is one of those magazines in my opinion that you need to have hands on. Very recently I signed up once again for a printed subscription.  The photography is beautiful and there are always a good selection of products in varying forms of needlework.  I particularly enjoy the photo tutorials of how to create a specific stitch – clear and concise! 

So, I have a story to share today.  A number of years ago, probably about ten, I was perusing Craig’s list.  I can’t recall what I was looking for but it wasn’t what I found.  Low and behold I came across an advertisement for a collection of Inspirations magazines.  I must admit at this point, I was a bit skeptical it was THE inspirations magazine.  Anyway, I called the number to see what would happen.

WOW, was it my lucky day. 

The woman who responded was selling her mother’s collection of Inspirations magazine as she had passed away, I believe the year before.  While her loss was sad, you can imagine I was thrilled that I had the chance to purchase her collection.  At that time, my husband had an appointment in Vancouver so it was agreed that he would meet her and pick up the magazines.  They did so a couple of days later in the parking lot of the White Spot on Georgia close to Stanley Park.  Some of you local ladies will know exactly where I mean!

You can likely imagine the HUGE grin on my face when he arrived home.  The collection included over 20 issues dating back as early as 1996 including some special issues.  All were in pristine condition. 

I am sharing the details in my post today, because it is my hope that perhaps this daughter or someone who knows here may read this.  I thanked her at the time but not nearly enough.  One of my favourite things to do is relax reviewing these magazines for ideas.  No doubt I will enjoy them again and again.  Truly, I treasure the collection and hopefully one day it will pass onto someone who feels the same way as me – I hope so! 

Thank you so very much for sharing your mother’s lovely collection with me.

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