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This is what I would call my “Pretty in Pink Palette”! The initial inspiration was created at the time the Barbie movie debuted. Call it serendipity, since at the time, I already hand this pretty in pink palette on my brain!

Whenever I work with this colour palette, it brings me back to a place of nostalgia. It draws from playful childhood memories of the fun, flashy, and pink fashion outfits where I dressed both Barbie and Midge. It’s rare to evoke such emotions with colours, but for pink in particular (and THIS particular pink palette), it definitely does!  This is a fun-evoking colour, perfect if you have projects for little kids!

I have no doubt they will love this pretty in pink palette.

What colours were used to create this pretty in pink palette

When I created this palette, I used warm and cool-ish hues to draw in a bit of balance. It’s a little unexpected to use both tones, but you will see how well they blend in when you combine them in a project.

Let’s start with Colour #79. This is a blend of pink, pale orange and lavender/blue. It’s a little but of an unusual blend, especially because of the lavender and blue, but the inspiration behind it is drawn from the array of colours you see in a spring flower garden.

It is a great starting point because this colour in particular, is so different, that you have many different colour combinations that can be added to create a palette.

Since I wanted to showcase the pink in the blend, I added Colour #78, a bold blend of what else?


I love this colour because it’s bold has proven to be a popular colour, too. 

Lastly, I added Colour #134, a dark cherry red. I found this red in particular does a great job of highlighting the pink that you can see in the palette. Here are the colours used


If you’re looking to create a similar palette with your own stash, here is a general idea adding some DMC solids. Colour 304 is a magenta/red, colour 718 is a fuchsia pink and colour 963 is a lighter value pink.  All would work well.  I added some Entice for metallic and texture E260 and some hand-dyed size 9 Kreinik braid in pink.  Any bold pink metallic you have in your stash would work.

Stay tuned for an upcoming sample later this month to see what I came up with.

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