ORTS, Colour Complements Threads


As you can well imagine having a hand dyeing thread business one collects a massive amount of ORTS!  I save these up over time and currently have one large freezer bag of a selection of colours available. There are insufficient lengths for stitching, all bits suitable for those interested in fiber art, especially needle felting.  A selection of fibers including perle cottons, floss, silks, rayons, braids, ribbons.
Total cost for the contents is $20 US + shipping – a bargain!  I anticipate shipping will be in the $15 vicinity, could be a bit more, could be a bit less.  If any of you are interested please email me directly at info@colourcomplements.com.  The first person who contacts me will get the bunch. Continuing purging since my move! A selection of Rajmahal Art Silk. This is a stranded silk, 6 strands. Original skeins measured 8 meters (8.75 yards) each and most of these are new. This is a strong, lustrous, versatile thread which works well in various forms of needlework including stumpwork, crewel, Brazilian, petit point, cross stitch, goldwork, shisa, needlepoint, hardanger, whitework, lace making, braiding and weaving. A total of 25 skeins wrapped on floss keys. I am purging so these are “gently” used. $35.00 plus shipping. Contact me if you are interested at info@colourcomplements.com


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