Our second needlepoint sample uses a bold colour palette, which just so happens to include Colour #23 as part of the collection! It demonstrates by changing a few colours in a palette and explicitly adding a darker value blend can result in a more dramatic colour palette. It changes the appearance, doesn’t it???

The Bold Colour Palette we used

Colour 69 is a darker blend of red, violet and purple. As many of you likely know, I’m a big fan of lime green. I love how Dominique used the lime to border both the central and outer patterns. She also chose Colour #33, a turquoise-blue blend to create divisions. To highlight the central pattern, she used a red solid Perle cotton to border the inner slanted Gobelin stitches.

The sample measures 3 ¼ x 2 ½ inches on 18-count mono canvas using size 5 Perle cottons.

There is no specific pattern, but the design includes mostly slanted Gobelin and scotch stitch variations. You could quickly reproduce this or expand on it to create a larger design.

If you pick up a skein of Colour #23, why not add Colour #69 and start experimenting? Can you envision these colour choices as the start of a pleasing palette for your next needlework project? I may need to start experimenting myself.

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