Today is more about embroidery thread storage.

Specifically, my ideas on embroidery thread storage. 

If you use floss, then you are familiar with the small floss keys that DMC offers. While they work well for floss, they are small for any other types of threads.


For a long time I didn’t realize floss keys were available in larger sizes.  It took a long time but eventually I wound all my threads on floss keys (shown above) which I stored in drawers.  They are categorized by colour which makes it very easy to find exactly what I want.

In my last craft room, I talked about my custom drawers under the window seat.  These were great for embroidery thread storage of all my floss keys in one drawer.  Unfortunately I needed to come up with another system for my new studio space. 

What worked for me?

Ikea Alex drawers.  They are available in three sizes and I have three towers.  The only drawback with these drawers is they are not full extension.  My husband came up with a great solution.  Don’t use the two screws in the slide which allows you to remove the drawer.  I can then place the entire drawer on my work surface. 

My Alex drawers hold all my threads, beads, charms, appliques as well as all my studio tools. I purchased some label holders online and labelled all the drawers. 


These are all my Rainbow Gallery threads in one of the drawers. You can see the labels on the front as well as where on of the screws would go in the side.


The drawer towers live in a 5 foot x 5 foot cupboard my husband was able to build between the roof joists in my converted attic space. This is my office/media room.  

They work well for now.   


I hope you have enjoyed my craft room storage ideas series. This is the last post. Wherever possible I have included links to resources in each of the posts. If I can figure it all out then I plan to do a video in the future.

Just in case you need to add to your thread stash

So, onto something new on Wednesday.

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