Today is Mardi Gras! As we revel in the vibrant and colourful celebrations of today, I thought it would be very fitting to revisit this beautiful needlepoint project that captures the essence of this colourful carnival celebration.

Designed by Susan of Dragon Lady Designs, this colourful, regal, unique needlepoint piece was featured in the March/April 2021 issue of Needlepoint Now. The colour combinations you see are a true testament to the artistry inspired by the spirit of Mardi Gras.

One of the exciting aspects of creating a needlepoint project inspired by this day is the opportunity to play with various colour combinations. Traditional Mardi Gras colours include purple, green, and gold, symbolizing justice, faith, and power. However, this project’s versatility allows for personalization, encouraging stitchers to experiment with bold, vibrant colour choices that resonate with the festive spirit. In this case, we used a few muted, “non-traditional” colours to help blend everything today.

This project was designed exclusively with Colour Complements threads. The inspiration for this masterpiece can be traced back to the influential Jean Hilton, with Susan having had the privilege of taking a class with her many years ago.

The result is a needlepoint creation that beautifully embodies the festive and lively atmosphere of Mardi Gras!

Creating this Mardi Gras-inspired Design

Mardi Gras is stitched on 18-count mono canvas. Susan used an aqua-shade canvas. However, the flexibility of the pattern allows stitchers to use any canvas from their stash, making it a versatile and accessible project for all. The colour palette is a key highlight, featuring multiple hues that truly live up to Mardi Gras celebrations’ “colourful” reputation.

The thread kit contains all the threads required to stitch the heart except a very small amount of Kreinik braid.  Stitchers can incorporate any metallic thread from their collection, opening the door to endless possibilities for creative colour combinations. There should be sufficient threads to complete TWO hearts as all the stitches use less than 5 meters/5.5 yards.  Many use less.  Perhaps double-sided!!

Whether you frame it or follow Susan’s example and turn it into a hanging ornament, the Mardi Gras needlepoint project offers versatility in its final presentation. Designed with the advanced beginner/intermediate needle worker in mind, this project is a delightful undertaking for those looking to enhance their needlepoint skills while capturing the festive spirit of Mardi Gras.

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