We often associate the colour yellow with warmth and sunshine so let us welcome warmer weather this month and celebrate this sunny, happy shade in our Colour Feature Series.

When I think of yellow, I think of sunflowers. I love seeing these beauties in the floral departments. They are such large and striking flowers. Do you associate yellow with happiness? I sure do!

This colour is one of three primary colours in the colour wheel.

Last month I talked about purple. As discussed, purple and yellow are opposite of each other on the colour wheel, providing a beautiful and complementary colour scheme.

In the past when I quilted, one of the first quilts I made was blue and yellow, which was quite popular at that time.

A cheerful palette would be an analogous scheme including yellow, yellow-green and green. A triadic colour scheme is three colours equally spaced on the colour wheel. For example, turquoise, fuchsia and yellow-orange OR yellow, red-violet and blue-violet.

Regardless of what combination you choose, there are many variations when working with colour.

Colour Complements’ colour yellows in the shop

One can never have too many shades of the colour yellow. This rings true for our shop. At the moment, we have five different shades of yellow to choose from:

If you take a closer look at each of the shades, you can see that it’s combined with a secondary colour, making a unique blend of yellow that is unique to its own!

Colour 37 is a blend of golden yellows with a hint of orange

Colour 67 is a BOLD blend of yellows

Colour 61 is a subtle lighter blend of yellows with tan

Colour 191 is my “wheat” blend as it reminds me of fields of what –

Colour 30 – a blend of golden yellow and pink

We will be playing with YELLOW this month so make sure you visit our blog. It will be a very sunny and happy month!

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