Layers Of Leaves is a wreath featuring 56 needlepoint leaves designed by the talented Kam Wenzloff. Many of you will be familiar with the Layers Of Leaves project from last year.

If you are new to Colour Complements, this particular needlepoint design consisted of a selection of 10 leaves featured in each edition of Needlepoint Now throughout 2023. Many needlework shops started stitch clubs which many of you will have participated in.

Before the project was published, Kam posted a photo in one of the Facebook groups. One of my local stitch group members saw the wreath, and several members decided to participate in a group project stitching leaves.  Susan, who designed the hearts featured in Needlepoint Now several years ago, chose four stitches per month, and the stitching began.

Several discussions ensued regarding how the ladies would finish the leaves and whether they would make wreaths. Dominique opted to stitch various leaves and make them into cards for gift-giving. We felt it would be fun to share her cards as this does not necessitate finishing, which I know many of you may struggle with.

The Needlepoint Leaves Pattern Highlighted Today

Today is the first of several cards I will be sharing this year. The cards are white and have a 3-inch insert cut out. You should be able to locate these through your local stationary or gift shop or an online source. All the cards we will be posting were stitched with leftover bits of threads.

Our sample today is bold and colourful, stitched with a citrus theme. As mentioned above, the sample measures slightly over 3 inches on an 18-count mono canvas. It fits nicely into the 3-inch cutout. The leaf is stitched with a size 5 Perle cotton, and the background is a size 8 Perle.

We used the following colours:

The following stitches were used to create the pattern that you see below:


The background is a mosaic stitch using alternating aqua and lime green rows. The leaf is stitched with an upright cross in groups of 4.

Above is a photo of the finished card to give you an idea how it looks overall.  Have we inspired you to create some cards with your stash of leaves? 

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