Who would have thought that these needlepoint gnome patterns were inspired by history? In the colourful needlepoint world, a magic thread connects history and inspiration. This case can be made with gnomes. In some European traditions and folklore, gnomes are said to be earth spirits or elemental beings dwelling in forests, mountains, or underground.

These creatures were thought to possess magical qualities and were often invoked to bring good luck or protection to homes and gardens.

In modern times, artists and designers interpret these charming creatures as kitschy, fun and quirky characters, perfect for projects. These whimsical beings now grace our holiday décor.

Last Year’s Welcome Gnome Series

Our creative journey took a delightful turn last year with the introduction of the “Welcome Gnome” series.

Marilyn Owen and the vibrant hues of the Colour Complements thread inspired this collaborative project. The entirety of the project featured six unique gnomes.  One gnome was featured in each edition of Needle Pointers published by the  American Needlepoint Guild

Evolution of the Series: The New Needlepoint Gnome Patterns

This year, we’re taking the Welcome Gnome series to a new level.

It’s not just about focusing on the pattern; it’s about the entire creative process. Enter the thread kit and the PDF pattern – a harmonious blend of colours and instructions that brings these magical beings to life. To keep things inclusive, we have opted to offer a PDF just in case you are not a member of ANG. The PDF will be emailed once payment is received. 

A Little More About The Series

The birth of the Welcome Gnome series wasn’t your run-of-the-mill collaboration. It was the result of years of chats between Marilyn and me. Marilyn and I had discussed a collaboration of some sort for several years and, after considerable discussion, came up with a gnome theme.

 The Welcome Gnome series is counted on canvas needlepoint.  Each gnome measures approximately 4 x 2 ½ inches on an 18-count mono canvas.  All the gnomes are the same shape and size BUT are different colours and designs.  Each design offers a variety of stitches.

While they all share the same shape and size, these gnomes are like a blank canvas for creativity. They boast a variety of colours and designs, catering to stitchers of all levels. They’re not just for holiday decorations – imagine them on your Christmas tree or bringing year-round joy as part of a garland in a children’s room or nursery.

What is included in the Kits

Our carefully curated kits extend an invitation to all stitching enthusiasts. A PDF pattern, delivered upon payment, and a thread kit featuring four distinct colour combinations are included to stitch our fun and creative designs. The collection includes Florentina, Dotti, Swirly, Bandy, Autumn, and Hope. All these kits are now available in our shop, eagerly awaiting the hands of avid stitchers to bring them to life.

Here’s a recap of what you will receive in the kits:

  • A PDF pattern will be provided once payment is received
  • Thread kit featuring four different colour combinations

As you dive into the enchanting world of the Welcome Gnome series, let your creativity flow freely. Stitch stories and joy into these magical creatures. Join us in celebrating gnomes’ history, artistry, and timeless allure, and let your stitching journey begin.

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