This beautiful autumn palette is created with Colour #48 from our collection. This is the thread palette that we’re highlighting today – it would be perfect to add to your needlework stash!

When I see this palette I think of autumn – falling leaves and fields of pumpkins. We have kept the palette small, featuring only three threads setting the basis to add more. Let’s discuss more about how to create a thread palette for your needlework.

How to use this autumn palette for your needlework

Colour 48 is a combination of burgundy, golden brown and green. Since these colours are reminiscent of fall, we chose to add two additional colours from our collection combining golden yellow and orange.

By doing this, we have added more colour options so you may add solids and textures in these colours.

I always focus on values when I start my palettes. What about some orange in both medium and dark tones OR a bit of burnt orange? Add various values of greens and burgundy. What about some gorgeous golden yellow in the light, medium and dark?

Remember, value refers to the lightness or darkness of a colour!

Here are the colours we used below:

Don’t forget texture. What about some petite, very velvet or wool? Floss in orange or yellow! What about some golden yellow silk in light and dark? Glorious burgundy in perhaps a wool blend or green in a metallic. This palette provides all kinds of colour options. Hope we have inspired you to try some.

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