When you think of Fall, what colours come to mind? Today’s stitch sample highlights a unique colour combination for a Fall cross-stitch design.

If you have been following my blog for some time, you’ll notice that we repeat some stitch samples, but they take on slight variations from one another.  These variations may be a different element of a pattern or perhaps different colour selections.  We hope to illustrate how easy it is to create your own unique designs by drawing inspiration from others! 

In this case, Dominique drew from Ink Circles’ Baroque pattern – one you will likely have seen previously mentioned on our blog!

Here Are More Details Around This Fall Cross-Stitch Design

This cross-stitch design was stitched on 36-count linen and is about 3.5-inches in size.  One strand of colour #56 was used, which is a unique blend of fall-inspired colours. The teal provides a twist as it is not commonly seen in traditional fall colour palettes.

Thank you Dominique for creating this stunning pattern using beautiful nature-inspired colours.

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