Colour #56 uses both a warm and cool colour palette to create this uniquely different shade. It is a blend of golden brown, yellow and teal. While this colour combination is an excellent choice for fall-themed projects, it will go well with a summer palette, as showcased in our upcoming palette of the month.

The brightness that comes with the yellow shades makes it the perfect shade for fun summer patterns. However, the hint of rust and turquoise mutes down the finish, making it also great for fall projects and patterns that are more “subtle” in their appearance. 

In the past, I’ve shared several samples using Colour #56. If you type “56” into search in my website’s top right-hand search bar, all sorts of samples will come up. These include a bargello design, a Temari design, and some hardanger to name a few. All will give you an idea of different palettes that work with this colour.

The combination is unusual with the addition of a shade of teal, but it reminds me of a desert palette, so keep this in mind if you have a southwestern-themed canvas framed up.

For a fall-themed palette, I could see combining this with Colour #57 (browns) and Colour #29 (pale brown). Try adding some solids in yellows too.

Why not pick up Colour #56 and develop a palette for your next project? What do you think of our warm and cool colour palette?

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