Hardanger sample using Colour Complements Threads

It is always fun to see a HARDANGER sample using Colour Complements threads. 

Hardanger is a form of embroidery traditionally worked with white thread on even-weave linen or cloth.  It consists of counted and drawn thread work techniques.  It is sometimes called whitework embroidery.  I am always thrilled to see traditional styles stitched with my threads.  If you would like to read more about Hardanger you can check this information HERE.

Marie stitched this bookmark using Colour Complements Colour #56.  Colour #56 is one of three colours in my new fall collection.   It is a beautiful blend of golden brown, golden yellow and a teal blue grey.   Marie used size 8 perle cotton on a base of 25 count linen.  The pattern is available in the Basics & Beyond Hardanger by Janice Love.  You can order it at your local needlework or online at Amazon. 

Colour #56 could easily be combined with a solid golden brown or perhaps golden yellow.  If you wanted to draw out the teal grey then opt for blues that have a grey tint. 

You will find other Hardanger samples on the blog HERE.  Perhaps you might like to try Hardanger using Colour Complements threads yourself?

Thank you Marie.    

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