Each year I dye a Christmas Sampler ideal for those of you stitching Christmas projects. I like to offer a classic green and red as it tends to be the most popular colour choice to celebrate the season.

When I think of GREENS I think of evergreen trees, holly, ivy and mistletoe. Thinking of RED I think of berries, hearts and apples. This year my green is a forest green and the red somewhat darker than in the past.

What I Used To Create This Christmas Sampler

My Christmas Sampler consists of five threads including the following:

  • Size 5 Perle cotton – 10 meters/10.94 yards
  • Flat Ribbon – 5 meters/5.47 yards
  • Silk Perle – 5 meters/5.47 yards
  • Rayon Metallic – 5 meters/5.47 yards
  • Rayon – 5 meters/5.47 yards

Let me tell you a little about each of the threads.

Most of you will be familiar with Perle cotton but if not it is a twisted mercerized cotton

Silk Perle is my personal favourite.  It is twisted filament silk and glides through fabric. 

Flat ribbon is a viscose knitted product that is not as widely seen in the needlework market.  It can be used in place of any “flat” ribbon such as Neon Rays for example.  Just a note that it is thicker than other flat ribbons so not a good option for layered stitches such as Rhodes or Waffle. 

Rayon metallic and Rayon absorb the dye beautifully offering a vibrant colour.

My Christmas Sampler is limited edition so once they are sold they are gone for this year!

Remember to shop early to avoid disappointment.

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