Our second needlepoint sample this month uses a variety of colourful stitch combinations to showcase Colour #137 and other complimentary colours in our collection.

This a bold and colourful pattern with a nice balance of soft pastels and loud colours. I love how little pops of magenta catch your eye!

The Colourful Stitch Combinations we used to create this pattern

There is no specific pattern but several stitches used include waffle stitch, scotch stitch and Milanese.  The sample measures approximately 2 inches on an 18-count mono canvas

We’ve combined colour 137 with the following colours in size 5 Perle cotton

We added a bit of metallic in blue in the center waffle to give the pattern a little more pizzazz. A pink metallic or perhaps a lime green would work well also! You likely have the perfect metallic in your stash.

What do you think of the results? I hope that this has inspired you to play around and create different patterns of your own! I mentioned previously that Colour #137 is a great addition to any children’s themed project.

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