Today we highlight an elaborate example of how much can be achieved with silk ribbon work. This is a great follow-up to our earlier posts on using silk ribbon embroidery in different parts of your crazy quilting.

When I started stitching my fall-themed crazy quilt, I did so as a series of blocks for a class focusing on twelve different silk ribbon rose motifs. I selected the black brocade for each of the blocks, which were my starting point, and drew silks, pieces of cotton, and satins from these colours.

In one of the last CQ posts, I talked about adding crocheted doilies to your crazy quilting, and you will see another sample with the green doily in the lower left.

How Silk Ribbon Work Was Used For This Project

The focal point in this section is, of course, my butterfly. I began by tracing it, then filled it in mostly with French knots and some cheater roses. I’ve used various sizes and colours of silk ribbon, and I must admit, I was pleased with the result. Would I do it again? No, not likely, as it took some time to complete.

In the top right corner, you will see part of a button cluster peaking out. I LOVE adding button clusters to my crazy quilting. Why? Almost everyone has a selection of buttons they have collected for years! Remember those button jars? I’ll be discussing button clusters in future posts, but if you type in button clusters in the search bar on my website, I’m sure some previous posts will pop up. They are an excellent way to use those special buttons!

Silk ribbon work can stitch various shapes, not just a butterfly. For those of you who do wool applique, try some for circles.

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