CRAZY QUILTING, silk ribbon embroideryMore of my Medium Dusty crazy quilting to share today.  In this section I’ve stitched a focal area of stem stitch using a combination of size 8 perle cotton and rayon (Edmar Lola).  I’ve added silk ribbon embroidered flowers with loose French knot centers in silk perle.  Above this is a small seam of detached chain stitches and small cast-ons all stitched using size 8 perle cotton finished with a bead.  The top seam treatment of this Medium Dusty crazy quilting is viscose tubular ribbon threaded and gathered then couched in place using a neon rays.  The bottom seam treatment is chain stitch using silk perle and laced with an unknown yarn.

On the right a very simple large cross stitch with a center of neon rays.  I’ll be sharing more of the seam treatment on the left in another post.

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