This month we are featuring one of the most popular colour combinations, Colour #186 from our collection! It is a gorgeous and very popular combination of dark blue, purple and teal. I dyed this colour combination several years ago for Lorene Salt, a Canadian designer.

This colour combination is featured in several blog posts on the site featured in 2018. Several samples were stitched from a mystery project by Blue Dogwood Designs. You can find one of these samples in this blog post.

What Colours Work With This Popular Colour

You have many opportunities for creating a palette. Colour #33, featured in the blog post referenced above works beautifully as it is a bold combination of blues drawing on teal. Another great option is colour #183, which is my blend of purples. Another option would be the aqua blend, colour #82 or a lighter turquoise blend, Colour #73. These are only a few options. Try blending some teals and purples or lavenders AND always remember different values!

We will be featuring several samples combining various palettes throughout this month. Keep your eyes peeled on this blog to learn more about it!

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