Today, we’re featuring this beautiful Temari Ball with a lime background. You may have recalled we shared other temari balls that were similar, but instead with a black metallic background. Our latest design highlights something that’s softer and vibrant!

Inspiration Behind This Lime Background Temari Ball

Verna made note of how I am very fond of lime green. In fact, it is one of my favourite colours! I LOVE using it in my needlework because in my view, it gives that “pop” factor to the palette.

When I think of lime I almost always think of a Fall palette and specifically Halloween for the purple and lime green combinations we see at times. Spooky!

It’s also a great palette for spring inspired projects.

When I sent Verna threads I had combined Colour #64 and Colour #69. Colour #64 is a blend of lavender, aqua and green AND works well with a wide variety of palettes. I had not initially thought of a background of lime but Verna likes to surprise me and WOW, did she. I LOVE the lime green background and feel it really enhances the colours in the threads.

The pattern is Verna’s version of Barbara Seuss’ “Sunflower Design”.

While many of you may not be interested in attempting Temari yourself, perhaps this palette will inspire colour options for your next needlework project. I think you may want to add Colour #69 to your palette, especially with LIME GREEN!

As always, I encourage you to play with colour.

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